A woman’s place is in the script: gender balance stats at Pixar

The documentary series Inside Pixar, includes the brilliant story of Jessica Heidt, one of the animation studio’s script supervisors. Jessica’s story got me very excited because it is a story about research, curiosity, data and about how evidence alongside advocacy can make change. Jessica works on scripts at Pixar, she keeps track of all scriptContinue reading “A woman’s place is in the script: gender balance stats at Pixar”

Averages: Is it mean to use the mean?

There’s an often-quoted anecdote about the flaw of averages which recounts the story of Lt Gilbert Daniels. In the 1950s, the U.S. airforce gave him the unenviable task of taking the physical measurements of over 4000 pilots with the aim of finding the ‘goldilocks’ set of averages that would lead to better design of fighterContinue reading “Averages: Is it mean to use the mean?”

Insight Analyst vs Software Developer: Puzzles

At home, my resident software developer and I discuss data, tech and coding among other more domestic topics. These other topics include: what we’re going to have for dinner, why the purchase of a new shed was never part of the plan of action prior to destruction of the old one, and whether or notContinue reading “Insight Analyst vs Software Developer: Puzzles”

Deconstructing the mathematical bridge

For music students everywhere, musical analysis is incredibly useful for many purposes. You can pick out different structures from a musical work, pinpointing particular styles and influences. You can learn to recognise and recreate a composer’s sonic signature in orchestration, rhythm, melody and harmony. Identifying and contemplating these features aids and increases the overall appreciationContinue reading “Deconstructing the mathematical bridge”

Painting pictures with data: Emma’s year of adventure.

  How’s this for a year’s project? THE RULES: Do something new each day Do it with someone else Document it Pretty daunting, huh? That’s why I’m not doing it. But Emma Lawton is. That’s incredible. What’s more incredible is that in 2013 at the age of 29, Emma was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. And, likeContinue reading “Painting pictures with data: Emma’s year of adventure.”