Scaling analytics team part 5: Stop Firefighting

You’re a wood carver.You do a great job.Your work is valuable.You’ve built a reputation.People like working with you. They have more requests for you.New people want to work with you now they’ve seen your work.The list of requests is growing.The seeds you planted to grow your own trees have become a forest to manage.As wellContinue reading “Scaling analytics team part 5: Stop Firefighting”

Tell your story! Easy to say, hard to do. Here are the tips that help.

Storytelling is vital. Whether for making data accessible to an audience or for any other reason. We all know this, we’re told it all the time, mostly by Seth Godin! We’re surrounded by stories and we all realize that to create connection, to persuade, to make change, we have to tell our own. And toContinue reading “Tell your story! Easy to say, hard to do. Here are the tips that help.”

Critical thinking – question your analyst!

If you’re the client for analysis, insight or research, keep these questions in mind when you get results presented back to you. Analysts and researchers try to tease out useful information from data, whatever their methods. But their interpretation is in the end just one interpretation of what they have looked at. Being critical doesn’tContinue reading “Critical thinking – question your analyst!”