The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Making a decision changes a state of possibility into a state of intention. Like turning batter into cake. Intention followed by action followed by reflection is the only route to learning. Like eating the cake and seeing how it tastes. The making of a decision is the point at which multiple possibilities resolve to theContinue reading “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”

What is your personal decision-making style?

What’s your style for making decisions? And what does that mean about how you use data?If you’re an analyst then what decision-making styles do your stakeholders have? And how do they vary? What does that variation mean for how you talk to them and deliver to them? We all have different personalities which bring differentContinue reading “What is your personal decision-making style?”

How do we really make decisions?

Top of this morning’s google search of ‘decision making’ brings up the totally sensible, totally logical 7 step model:1) Identify the decision2) Gather information3) Identify alternatives4) Weigh the evidence5) Choose among alternatives6) Take action7) Review the decision As if.Let’s be honest, this is not how humans work. And even if they did, real business contextsContinue reading “How do we really make decisions?”

The missing question

In briefing for delivery of data, analytics and insight I’ve asked the following questions: Who is it for? What is their objective/what are they trying to achieve? What is the issue/pain point/business problem they are dealing with? What decisions are they looking to make? What kind of action and change do they hope will resultContinue reading “The missing question”

Who’s driving the car?

In a self-driving car, inputs from the surrounding environment are processed, and outputs of speed, steering and navigation of the vehicle are modeled and executed. The assessments of risk, the prediction of outcomes and the ensuing actions happen with varying levels of automation depending on the level of automation. The car model Level 0 –Continue reading “Who’s driving the car?”